recall re‧call [rɪˈkɔːl ǁ -ˈkɒːl] verb [transitive]
1. COMMERCE if a company recalls one of its products, it asks customers to return it because there may be something wrong with it:

• The company was forced to recall one range of cereals after several packets were found to be contaminated.

— recall noun [countable] :

• the recall of 13 million defective radial tyres

2. to officially tell someone to come back:

• The U.S. recalled its ambassador in protest.

• Some 30,000 auto workers were recalled from layoffs.

3. to remember something that you have seen or heard, such as an advertisement:

• Consumers' ability to recall TV commercials has dropped steadily.

— recall noun [uncountable] :

• Interviewers tested consumers' recall of a selection of advertisements.

* * *

recall UK US /rɪˈkɔːl/ verb [T]
COMMERCE if a company or manufacturer recalls a particular product, it officially asks stores and consumers to return it because it is not safe to use: »

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the company is recalling 773,900 toys because of safety concerns.


At least six pet food companies have recalled products made with imported wheat gluten tainted with a toxic chemical.

MARKETING to remember something you have seen or heard in an advertisement: »

Research by a leading marketing corporation shows that 42% of shoppers can recall a brand they've seen on in-store screens.

recall UK US /ˈriːkɔːl/ noun
[C] COMMERCE a process in which a company or manufacturer officially asks stores and consumers to return a product because it is not safe to use: »

The current recall involves salad mix that was processed at a plant in Ohio.


The group's global recall of nearly ten million laptop computer batteries had devastated its third-quarter earnings.


a product recall

issue/announce/order a recall »

In some cases, regulators and carmakers can spend months looking into possible defects before issuing a recall.


The drugs company denied that any agency or group had pressed for a recall.

a major/massive/large recall (of sth) »

It issued a massive recall of its peanut butter brands after a multistate salmonella outbreak.

[U] MARKETING someone's ability to remember something that they have seen or heard in an advertisement: »

Creating a memorable tagline can be a highly effective way to boost brand recall.

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